Parent & caregivers communication made simple

ParentSMS provides the compliance and reliability you need when informing and alerting your students’ parents & care-givers.

ParentSMS is marketed by OneBlink, an award-winning Australian No & Low-code company focused on innovative mobile communication solutions.

Power without the price tag

In today’s world, schools (and their overarching department/education authority) are under greater pressure to meet increased compliance in their duty of care responsibilities.

The challenge then becomes finding a balance between affordability and robust communication systems that can be relied upon 24/7.

ParentSMS shifts the balance

It is an enterprise-grade managed service, running on fault-tolerant, scalable cloud infrastructure with a unique cost-sharing model between schools, parents and the department/education authority.

The Service provides:

API connectivity into student management and roll marking systems – for text message alerts on unexplained absences.

API connectivity into school administration systems for easily targeting messages to staff, year groups or even campuses.

Automated message scheduling for carnivals, excursions, exams, events, term dates, etc.

School message board – so students and parents can retrieve latest information via SMS.

One-click broadcast alerts in case of school emergencies or excursion delays.

Do the math

The ParentSMS platform also features:

Easily create SMS templates for any situation or scenario.

Teacher/Staff mobile app to broadcast SMS’s when away from the classroom.

High speed message delivery 10's of thousands of SMS in minutes.

Web based interface able to be accessed away from the office.

Real-time analytical data dashboard for administrators.

The solution is ideal for a state department/education authority that wishes to provide a level of financial support, along with uniformity and compliance, to schools under their control.

While schools still accept all responsibility for system usage, message content and individual SMS charges.

Brisbane Catholic Education Case Study

Read how the Brisbane Catholic Education Office and the Cairns Diocese - Catholic Education Service, have both adopted this technology across all 165 of their schools.

Why SMS (and not an App)?

Yes mobile apps can be clever and helpful, however apps (or more importantly app notifications) are not seen as a means of urgent communication. Even dedicated users of social media apps typically wait till free time to check such notifications. And the more apps people have, and the more notifications they get, further diminishes their effectiveness.

SMS is supported by every mobile device, every network operator. Further, the delivery of each and every message is relatively instantaneous and its progress can be monitored.

This is why ParentSMS™ defers to SMS over App notifications as the most universally reliable and defendable format for critical communications.

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